The Enlightened Kitchen 

Wholegrains, fresh veggies, sauces, spices and love all mingled together to create taste bursting joy that will enrich your life. All the food we prepare and share is based on an ahimsa (sanskrit for non-violent) diet. Basically that means it’s all vegetarian, and we don’t use any commercial dairy products. All dairy we use is organic and comes from cows who are loved, looked after and milked within our rural communities. Our beautiful cows and their calves will live full happy lives and never be sold for their meat. We make sure all ingredients we use are GMO-free, and we are also gradually expanding our gardens in Otaki to provide as much homegrown organic veggies as we can! Conscious and compassionate growing, cooking and eating will spark a revolution in your health, reignite your soul and is hugely beneficial for the environment. Never underestimate the power of your plate.

Eat veggies. Feel good. Be happy.