30 Minute Meditation Sessions

Cosy up with us after work or study in our lounge room atmosphere of scented oils, candles and pillows and we will take you on a tour of what Bhakti meditation has to offer!

All sessions are followed by a delicious and nutritious veggie feast (with vegan and gluten free options) served at 7.15pm. Check out the timetable and prices below.

Mondays 5pm
Self Mindfulness
Take a seat and we'll guide you on an inward exploration to contemplate and evoke your highest state of being, and your most elevated qualities and aspirations, ending with a positive intention to take back into the world.

Tuesdays 5pm
Lie down and melt with guided breath and body releasing. With ancient sound therapy we’ll guide you into total relaxation, soothing the actual self lying beyond both body and mind. You don't have to do anything but lie down and soak it all up!

Tuesdays 6pm 
Mantra Bead
Feeling beads for meditation on spoken word is an ancient process used by many traditions to support concentration and absorption of body, mind and consciousness. Chanting with a circle of beads also regulates your meditation practice so that you are getting a measured dose to boost your state of mind into the transcendental every day!

Wednesdays 5pm 
Mantra Mindfulness
Sit down and ground out with the breath, then we'll glide together into sounding and contemplating mantras that free the mind from stress and anxiety, by connecting us with the ultimate source of all consciousness and energy. Leave inspired and connected. 

All sessions will be 30 minutes.


Drop-in meditation                  $5
5-715 meditation package        Regular/$15 Student/$10
5-715 meditation+6pm yoga    Regular/$25 Student/$20 
6/6:30 meditation/discussion   $10 
prices include 715 dinner 

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