Optional 45 min Yoga class at 5pm
Soulfeast 5:45pm
Dinner 7pm

Absorb yourself in the energy and experience a taster of the bhakti yoga lifestyle! Bhakti is an action – the fusion of the head, heart and soul to get balance in life, outside the material box.

What to expect?

Call and response music, moves your heart and your feet.

Consciousness expanders
Presentations, theatre, films, a whole lot of uncommon-sense!

Dinner and Dessert
Free the tongue, the mind will follow with mountains of mouth-watering vegetarian Krishna food.

Kick start
Kick start your week and leave bouncing down the street (or rolling depending on how much you eat!).


5pm Yoga + SoulFeast = $10
545pm SoulFeast = koha
Arrive after 615pm = $10