Yoga + Dinner

You'll feel recharged after a dose of yoga at Bhakti Lounge! Our Hatha-Vinyasa classes are a combo of high energy flow and sustained deep stretch. Every yoga session is followed by a vege-licious dinner and a mouth-watering dessert so there's no need to cook or wash dishes afterwards!


Screen Shot 2017 05 13 at 5.04.57 pmSunday: 5pm with Muni Cari 

MondayScreen Shot 2017 05 13 at 5.05.03 pm

Monday: 5pm and 6pm with Gaura 

Gaura-arati's yoga takes a focus on aligning the mind with the body and the breath. No rush, no stress, but that doesn't mean no work!
Making full use of the breath you will feel the challenge of holding each pose that little bit longer.

Screen Shot 2017 05 13 at 5.05.09 pmTuesday: 5pm & 6pm with Isvari-Kesavi

Take your poses a little deeper with Deep Stretch yoga on tuesdays. An intermediate level class aimed at making you feel lighter, stretchier and free from tension or stress.

Screen Shot 2017 05 13 at 5.05.14 pm

Wednesday: 5pm & 6pm with Muni Cari

Need a good workout? Challenge yourself with our intermediate to advanced level classes on wednesdays with Muni. The focus is holding the poses for longer all the while trying to keep a straight face! Warning: may produce abdominal muscles.

Yoga equipment is provided but you’re welcome to bring your own mat if you prefer.


On Sundays dinner is at 7pm and during the week it's at 7:15pm.


Drop In
Sun 5pm Yoga 
(includes 545pm kirtan music meditation, short talk and 7pm dinner)
Donation (it gets full fast!)

Mon-Wed 5pm yoga
(includes 6pm workshop/program + dinner)
$10/students or $15/regular
Mon-Wed 6pm yoga
(includes dinner) 
$15/students or $20/regular

10 trip 6pm yoga 
(includes dinner)
$130/student or $180/regular
10 trip Sun-Wed 5pm yoga
(includes 6pm workshop/program + dinner)

Come to as much yoga or as many Bhakti Lounge programmes as you like!
Monthly pass:$130
Six Monthly pass:$650
Full time students receive a 10% discount on memberships.

Yoga Lounge and Yogalosophy

Victoria University Clubs

The best kind of yoga includes a yummy veggie dinner afterwards, right? Yoga Lounge and Yogalosophy are our university clubs, open to students of all levels. On mondays we do physical yoga, while on thursdays we discuss the philosophy behind yoga and how to keep a cool head while juggling the stresses of uni, work and life. All for a gold coin donation or $20 for a trimester.

Yoga Lounge runs mondays at 5pm in the Student Union Building, rooms 217 and 218. We do 45mins of Vinyasa Flow style yoga, 5 minutes kirtan (mantra music meditation), followed by Krishna Food, a plate of veggie goodness!

Yogalosophy is about the wisdom behind yoga. These nights will provide a friendly relaxing atmosphere and include documentaries, talks, tips and timeless yoga knowledge to assist us in the busy world we live in. And of course, followed by a Krishna Food plate of veggie goodness!

All Yogalounge and Yogalosophy members can try our yoga and meditation workshops down at Bhakti Lounge for just $5 a session. Check out our timetable for more info or email us to sign up!

Corporate Yoga

Need some balance in your office? Yoga classes will help you de-stress, increase productivity, and create positivity amongst your colleagues. We can bring a professional yoga teacher to you for either one-off or regular classes. Send us an email for times and prices.